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Case Study: Achieving 50% Reduction In Google Ads Lead Costs for Carpet Cleaner in NYC

February 21, 20242 min read

The Client: Carpet & Rug Cleaning Company in New York City

The Challenge: Reducing Google Ads lead costs and improving organic search visibility to generate more leads in a highly competitive market.

Client Journey

Our client, a highly-rated carpet and rug cleaning company with multiple locations in New York City, faced a significant challenge common in the cleaning industry: high advertising costs and ineffective lead generation.

Their website and Google Business Profile were not ranked highly enough to bring in consistent organic traffic and leads. This left the company dependent on a Google Ads campaign that was also not performing well…

Their original Google Ads campaign was producing leads at an unsustainable cost of over $70 per lead. This was partly due to the high cost per click (CPC), irrelevant traffic, and misconfigured conversion tracking. All of these are common issues we run into when helping cleaners turn around their Google Ads campaigns.

Without a reliable organic or paid media strategy in place, this company was struggling to grow…

Revamping the Strategy

We needed a solid foundation for both our paid and organic strategies. Our team quickly built a new, conversion rate optimized, and SEO-friendly website on the client’s existing domain. We won’t see the results of the SEO for a couple months, so next we turned our focus to paid ads…

First, we paused the original Google Ads campaign. Then the paid media specialists at BookCleaningJobs created a new carpet & rug cleaning campaign with a winning structure designed to drive maximum leads at our daily budget. We included our best performing keywords, negative keywords to exclude unwanted traffic, and high-performing responsive ad copy. After getting the client’s approval, we launched the ad campaign so we could start bringing in new customers.

Search Campaign Results (Recent 30 Days):

  • Total Ad Spend: $7,471.02

  • Impressions: 11,932

  • Clicks: 983

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): 8.24% 

  • Average CPC: $7.60

  • Leads: 223

  • Cost Per Lead: $33.50 (reduced from over $70!)

  • Conversion Rate: 22.69%

Organic Results (Recent 30 Days):

  • Monthly impressions on Google: from 26,400 to 57,000!

  • Organic impressions: +117%

  • Organic clicks: +35%

  • Organic leads: +20%

What’s Next For This Cleaner?

These results illustrate that both organic and paid media strategies go hand-in-hand in order to drive results for cleaners. By identifying key challenges and leveraging our experience, we not only reduced the CPL by 50% but we also improved search engine visibility, with organic traffic and leads steadily growing. As we continue our partnership, we anticipate further growth and success for this carpet and rug cleaning operation.

Looking to improve your marketing strategy and scale your cleaning business? Visit https://bookcleaningjobs.com/book and request time to speak with us.

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Reuben Rock

Reuben is the President & Head GROWTH Coach at BookCleaningJobs.com.

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