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The Power of Gifts and Thank You Notes in Your Cleaning Business

February 28, 20244 min read

In the cleaning industry, showing appreciation to your clients can go a long way in building strong relationships and fostering loyalty. One effective way to do this is by using gifts and thank you notes. We are going to explore how you can leverage gifts and thank you notes to delight your clients and set your cleaning business apart. Whether you serve residential or customer clients (or both), you can make gifting a part of your winning customer experience.

Start Simple - Personalized Thank You Notes

If you want to start with something simple, time-tested, and inexpensive, you should try “thank you” notes. A handwritten thank you note adds a personal touch that digital communication cannot replicate. Yes, you can pay for services to send “handwritten” notes on your behalf. But you can start with a pack of thank you cards, a pen, and your kitchen table.

Take the time to write a sincere note expressing your gratitude for your client's business. Include specific details such as the services provided and any positive experiences during the cleaning process. Your clients will appreciate the effort and sincerity behind the gesture.

Gifts That Make Sense And Make An Impression

Giving thoughtful gifts to your clients can leave a lasting impression and show them how much you value their business. I’m not talking about a new Apple Watch or an expensive fruit basket. Most cleaners don’t have the margins to support something like that unless it’s for a one-time giveaway. Instead, consider small but meaningful tokens such as bottles of stain spotter, other eco-friendly cleaning products, or personalized cleaning kits. These gifts not only express gratitude but also serve as a reminder of your exceptional service.

Pro Tip: print, label, and bottle your own branded spot remover to gift to your customers. I used this strategy at my carpet cleaning business and gave away hundreds of bottles of spot remover every year with my brand on it. Customers often asked for refills when we came back to clean again the next year.

Celebrate Milestones and Special Occasions

Recognizing milestones and special occasions in your clients' lives is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or move-in day, sending a small gift or handwritten note can make your clients feel valued and special. It's a simple yet effective way to strengthen your relationship and keep your cleaning business top of mind.

Create a Referral Program with Incentives

Encourage your clients to refer their friends and family to your cleaning business by offering incentives such as discounts or free cleanings. When a referral becomes a new client, express your gratitude with a thank you note and a small gift as a token of appreciation. Not only does this reward your existing clients, but it also helps attract new business through word-of-mouth referrals.

Showcase Client Appreciation on Social Media

Highlighting client appreciation efforts on your social media platforms can further strengthen your brand and attract new clients. Share photos and testimonials from satisfied clients, along with stories of how you've gone above and beyond to show your appreciation. This not only reinforces your commitment to exceptional service but also showcases your company's values to a wider audience.

Using Gifts To Win Commercial Clients

What would you do if somebody walked into your office and stuck a big yellow pineapple with a bow on it right on top of your front desk? Would you tell them to take their fruit and get the heck out? Probably not… you might even ask “what’s with the pineapple?”

And that’s how you get your foot in the door with a potential commercial account that you would love to serve… like a big property manager, restoration company, or other top prospect.

I’ve learned this trick from multiple people over the years, so I don’t know who to credit. But the general idea is to cold call on your prospects while bringing them a gift to warm them up a little. Most people hate a sales call, so make yours friendly and it will stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to use a pineapple. You could bring donuts or something else - anything that will get them to open up and talk with you for a moment.

Then drop your business card, a brochure/flyer/price sheet, and offer to do a free cleaning or a demo. This is a winning strategy to land commercial accounts.

What To Do Next

In the competitive cleaning industry, building strong relationships with your clients is key to long-term success. By incorporating gifts and thank you notes into your client appreciation strategy, you can demonstrate your gratitude and differentiate your cleaning business from the competition. At BookCleaningJobs, we believe in the power of these simple yet impactful gestures to delight your clients and foster loyalty. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your cleaning business thrive.

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