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Carpet Cleaner Websites: 5 Elements You MUST Use for Success

August 22, 20234 min read

A strong online presence is necessary for any carpet cleaning business. Most customers are going to look your business up online before they decide to hire you, and having a well designed carpet cleaner website will help them make that buying decision. 

Here at BookCleaningJobs, we’ve worked with hundreds of carpet cleaners and there are 5 main elements that we always incorporate when building a new website for a client.

  1. Lead Form: While some customers will be ready to book right away, many will want a quote first. Include a lead form on your website so they can easily reach out to you to get a quote. It can be as simple as asking for their name, email address, phone number and a text box to ask what they need cleaned. (Pro tip: Don’t forget to follow up as soon as possible when you receive these leads!)

  2. Click to Call Button: Most of your website traffic will be on mobile, so make it easy for them to contact you by including a click to call button. This allows potential customers to call you without having to type in your number - if it’s easy to contact you, they are more likely to do it.

  3. Online Booking: Customers want to know when you are available, and many don’t want to call and ask. Including online booking allows customers to book for a time and date that is convenient for them - plus you don’t have to be available to take a phone call! (Pro tip: Housecall Pro has a great online booking tool - learn more about their platform here!)

  4. Before & After Pictures: Customers want to know what kind of results to expect, so posting before and after pictures on your website is really helpful. It’s really important to use actual photos (vs stock photos) - Google knows when you are using your own pictures. Have your crew take before and after pictures at every job so you’ll have lots to pick from!

  5. Testimonials: You already know how important reviews are on places like your Google Business Profile and Yelp. Include some of your top reviews on your website to bring that social proof where more potential customers can find it. (Pro tip: Updating these reviews periodically is a good SEO tip to keep your website looking fresh to search engines like Google).


  1. Chatbot: Basic chatbots are a great way to get customers to engage with your website, and collect the kind of information you get from a lead form (contact info and what they need cleaned). Here at BookCleaningJobs, we’ve found that potential customers enjoy interacting with the chatbot, and it drives quite a few leads for the carpet cleaners that have it available. Or you can try using Facebook’s chat feature and installing their widget on your website. Keep in mind, you’ll still need to follow up with the leads that come in through this channel.

  2. Step by Step Cleaning Process: Are you a steam cleaner? A low moisture cleaner? Do you include pre-vacuuming, deodorizer or protector in your usual process or are there additional charges? What about pet stains? Customers want to know what to expect when you come to clean, so include the process you’ll go through on your website.

  3. Cleaning Videos: It’s so easy to shoot a video on your phone these days, you’re probably already doing it on a regular basis. Why not shoot some videos of your cleaning process? Show the wand or buffer on the carpet, and talk about what you’re doing while you hold your phone and clean for 30-60 seconds. Then upload that video to your YouTube channel (you probably need one of these, too). And finally, embed that YouTube video right onto your website. Then keep doing this until you have a video on every page of your website.

While there are other elements that we also include in our websites, incorporating these will make your website more successful and easier for customers to use. 

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Reuben is the President & Head GROWTH Coach at BookCleaningJobs.com.

Reuben Rock

Reuben is the President & Head GROWTH Coach at BookCleaningJobs.com.

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Request instant access to The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Marketing Cheatsheet by BookCleaningJobs.com
Request instant access to The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Marketing Cheatsheet by BookCleaningJobs.com